At Dog Works® we offer unique equipment for incredible working dogs. Our specialty is draft work, especially carting equipment.


I am often asked what inspired me to start this company. Usually in the form of “You sell what?” or “Dog carts? Is there a market for that?” But, I have been touched by the incredible emotion exploding from a dog when his master actually encourages him to BE A DOG; the dog that we’ve made him. Let me explain…

“Deep inside every puppy lie instincts: natural inherited talents subconsciously motivating him.”

The puppy knows it’s something wonderfully exciting and depending on his breed, knows it definitely has something to do with… water, or critters, protecting or tending, finding what’s left a scent, the ecstasy of running full throttle, or the sheer power of pulling. Whatever turns him on, even as a puppy he knows it also has something to do with people. For countless generations his forefathers have been our partners in many human endeavors. Through selective breeding, we’ve honed his natural instincts molding his mind and motivations distinctly for our purpose.

Most breeds in existence today were “originally bred” for some service to man. Now, the vast majority are confined to the duties of family pet which may not appease their instinctive motivations and may often result in so-called “mis”-behaviors.   A Newfoundland who whines with worry when you’re in the tub, a Corgie who nips at the heels of running children, a Husky that “runs,” a Terrier that kills cats, a Bernese Mountain Dog that pulls on the lead, a Retriever who mouths everything … these are all true life examples of natural behaviors unguided.  There is no sadder tale than a water-motivated Newf puppy who was incessantly scolded for pawing in his water bowl, but never knew the joy of a swim.

A puppy whose instincts are channeled and encouraged early in life will begin to understand what’s going on in his head. Working by his person’s side, he can mature into a confident partner shining with purpose. He’ll know who he is and be a happier, better-behaved pet because of it.

If you’re very lucky, a particular relationship you share with a special dog will impact your life. When you work with a dog enough to become true partners, you’ve come to know someone you otherwise would never have met. It happened to me…

I hope it happens for you, too.


Founded in 1992 by Beth and John Ostrander in order to make quality working equipment readily available. They began with Draft and Water equipment due to their experience and love of these Newfoundland sports. Driven by interest from an incredible variety of breeds, they began designing dog carts and harnesses for dogs of all sizes. Some models have come & gone while others have been honed almost to perfection. Dog Works® has earned a fine reputation in the United States and internationally for quality, thoughtfully designed products.


Martin and Sandy Gabel, lifelong dog enthusiasts, entered the world of Newfoundlands in 1994 with Kilyka’s Sandy’s Pride (Ellie). They have since been ’home’ to many additional Newfies acquiring 4 Water Rescue Dog NCA Titles, three Water Dog NCA Titles and 4 Companion Dog AKC titles.

The Gabel’s have been active in Newfoundland Rescue over the years fostering and placing more than 50 dogs.  Sandy currently serves on the Newfoundland Club of America’s Finance Committee.