Pee Wee Chariot


The Pee Wee Chariot, for our smallest four legged friends, the chariot is 10 3/4″ long, 11 1/2″ high with an overall length of only 2 1/2 ft. long.

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It weighs less than 4 pounds constructed with a maple hardwood.

The shafts can be adjusted in height in 1″ increments from 7″ to 11″. The inside spacing between the shafts is 6.5″.

(Pulling is Spring Cove Boyager OF, (Fleet), owned by Celine Joris and riding in the chariot is CH MACH Flashback Postmark JE RN NF, (Stamp) owned by Sassie Joiris.)

Vendor Information

Standard Wagon (Red)


Standard Wagon is 40″ L x 24″ W

500 lb. capacity

Weighs 80 lbs. and comes in 2 boxes

(Seats & Newfie Doll not included)

Varsity Leather Harness


For giant breeds in Draft Work and Tracking.

Heirloom Craftsmanship and multi-dog/vehicle adjustability could make this the only harness you’ll ever want!

Improvements not shown: Removable Sheepskin wraps (is darker easier to care for), more versatile girth design fits dogs & vehicles better.



The Mini Chariot, for our smaller four legged friends. The Chariot is 11” long, 15” high with an overall length of only 3’.