Varsity Leather Harness


For giant breeds in Draft Work and Tracking.

Heirloom Craftsmanship and multi-dog/vehicle adjustability could make this the only harness you’ll ever want!

Improvements not shown: Removable Sheepskin wraps (is darker easier to care for), more versatile girth design fits dogs & vehicles better.

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  • LARGE fits Sizes 24 to 32 (dogs weighing about 75 to 140 lbs.)
  • EXTRA LARGE fits sizes 28 to 36 (dogs weighing about 110 & up.)

If your dog is borderline, we can add an extra adjustment hole or two, just let us know when ordering.


Many of our customers own a different harness for every dog. Here is a harness that might fit all of your dogs of the same breed! Plus it transforms into a non-restrictive tracking harness in a snap. It’s a whole new cross-trainer that combines the best features from pulling and tracking harnesses into a gorgeous leather tool that may be the only harness you will ever need.

Use it for carting, tracking & sledding (includes single tree “Sled Adapter” for sledding or vehicles with a single point of pull.) It will adjust all over to fit multiple dogs, carts, wagons, sleds, sleights, and antique vehicles.

FITS multiple dogs: Each harness fits six one inch neck increments. The breastplate, body length and girth all adjust accordingly.

FITS multiple vehicles: Raise the point of pull for carts, lower it for sleds and small wagons. The height & reach of Shaft Tugs (shaft loops) will accommodate most shaft variations. The traces are adjustable in length & height (point of pull.)

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