Dog Works Competition Cart (Green 18” Wire Spoked Wheels)


The Dog Works Cart known & loved for draft test competition and a lifetime of practical use.

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  • It’s portable, versatile, rugged, and stylish. Tried & true, this cart is the perfect choice for Giant Breeds in training & competition.

    • 2 position bed-height allows you to comfortably fit dogs from about 23″ & up.
    • Adjustable brakes can be positioned anywhere on the shafts.
    • Removable shafts, wheels & sides.
    • Solid reinforced Maple construction, welded steel frame, 20″ or 16″ all-terrain pneumatic wheels.
    • Aluminium shafts remove easily with a wrench and adjust to any width from 46″ to 56″ in length.
    • Adorned with sporty paw prints on the sides and “My Dog Works!” on the rear.
    • Your Choice of red (standard) or optional green sides, with a polyurethane protected base and aluminium shafts.


    • Capacity: 600 lbs
    • Approximate weight: 44 lbs.
    • Bed size: (outside) 33″ L x 22″ W x 9″ D. CART COMES IN RED (standard) In the shopping cart you will have the choice of Red or Green.
    • Also chose 20″ BMX wheels or 16″ chrome spoke wheels.

Vendor Information

Standard Wagon (Red)


Standard Wagon is 40″ L x 24″ W

500 lb. capacity

Weighs 80 lbs. and comes in 2 boxes

(Seats & Newfie Doll not included)

Out Of Stock

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